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Circuit of the Americas cancels 2013 track days events - then cancels cancellations

Saturday, Dec 22, 2012

I'm not quite sure what to make of what is going on with local access to the Circuit of the Americas(COTA) track in Austin. After successfully completing a track day event with a Texas based Ferarri club on Friday December 14, on Saturday December 22nd Jalopnik reported that COTA officials had seeming delivered local drivers a lump of coal for Christmas, announcing that the track would be canceling all scheduled track day, training, and other private events in 2013 to focus on motorsports. After the Austin American-Statesman picked it up, COTA, quickly changed directions announcing that it would honor at least some of it's agreements.

I had contacted COTA officials after the Ferrari track day event, inquiring about similar track day events for other clubs and organizations, and basic info on track rental. After an initial response on December 17th from Chuck Askland Vice President, Motorsport Operations, I received no further replies, and no actual information regarding track rental or track day events. I don't know that anyone, including COTA officials, quite know exactly what their plans are, but as we would like to get some of our cars on the COTA track, we will be watching the situation anxiously.

Until then we invite you to enjoy over 1000 photos from the Ferrari track day event, which saw more than 70 cars, including not one but two of the almost mythical Enzos speeding around the gorgeous new track.

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